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Morristown Criminal Defense Attorney

Representation for Criminal Charges in Morristown, NJ

As an experienced Morristown criminal defense attorney, I have helped countless clients overcome serious penalties and charges that threatened their future opportunities and liberty. I have been assisting clients for over 13 years and apply my extensive knowledge of criminal law to every case that I take on. Being accused of a crime is scary and confusing. You need someone at your side that can defend you at every turn and most importantly understand the prosecution and how they will attempt to prove that you are guilty.

I take pride in the fact that I personally handle my cases and always keep my clients updated on the status of their case and abreast of all charges. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Morristown, speak with a criminal defense attorney from my firm today.

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Exposing the weaknesses in the prosecution's case while aggressively defending my clients' rights and freedom allows me to be successful in getting charges dropped or eradicated. I utilize every legal tool and resource that is available in order to pursue the case outcome that my client desires.

Areas of Practice: Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Morristown

I have helped clients with many types of criminal defense cases, including those involving a violent crime, white collar crime, drug crime, theft charge, or a sex offense. If you are facing serious criminal charges in Morristown, New Jersey, I strongly advise you to call my law firm for a review of your case. Without a Morristown criminal defense attorney on your case, it is likely that the prosecution will find evidence or turn a statement into evidence against you. Even something that you may have said during the time of the arrest or an investigation out of anger or confusion may be used against you down the line. Exercising your Fifth Amendment rights will be the smartest idea at the time; specifically, the right against self-incrimination and the right to an attorney.

My law firm can help you further understand the serious charges you are facing, such as DWI, or driving while intoxicated. If you or your underage child has been arrested for DWI after a failed or refused breath test, you will want to talk to an attorney about your rights. My law firm also handles cases involving DWI accidents, known as assault by auto charges. Furthermore, my team can help defend against drug-related offenses, including possession, cultivation, distribution, trafficking, medical marijuana charges, and prescription fraud. Call me today for a free review of your case.

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When you are in trouble with the law and are looking for a shoulder to lean on, look no further than the legal team at my law firm. We have an extensive understanding on all criminal charges in Morristown, New Jersey and can use our unique defense mechanisms to your advantage. Whether you are currently in the face of domestic violence, rape, child pornography, child endangerment, prostitution, or weapon charges, my law firm will be prepared to give you a full overview on the charges and your options.

My law firm also handles cases involving theft crimes of robbery, burglary, shoplifting, violent crimes of murder, manslaughter, assault, and traffic offenses. I can handle post-conviction relief matters, such as expungement for juvenile crimes. The attorney that you choose to handle your case will make a significant impact on your case outcome. By calling my firm today, I can help you to better understand your charges and what can be done to start protecting you immediately.

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