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Arrested for Shoplifting? (N.J.S. 2C:20-11)

New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney

Shoplifting has become a common crime in the United States. It is the unlawful taking of an item from any retail store or place of sale. The penalties for shoplifting are tied directly to the value of the good stolen. In other words, as the item value goes up, so will possible penalties. If you have been charged with shoplifting then you should contact a knowledgeable Parsippany criminal defense lawyer right away. Having a high-quality defense attorney on your side can make a big difference in negotiation or trial.

Typically, items that are shoplifted are of little value and an agreement can be negotiated if immediate action is taken, in some cases without formal charges being filed. Community service, fines and possible probation are some the potential consequences of a shoplifting charge. If the item you took was over $1,000 then the consequences are much more serious in a conviction, often leading to felony charges and time spent in state prison if convicted. Your prior criminal record will also weigh heavily on the sentence imposed by the court.

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Each shoplifting case is different and requires a thorough review of every detail and piece of evidence. I will look over your case to determine what options you may have available. My law will firm take immediate action for your defense, and should get involved before being formally charged whenever possible. I am very familiar with the criminal justice system in New Jersey, and I know how to negotiate with on behalf of my clients.

A large number of my clients come from personal referrals from prior clients who were happy with the results and service they got from my firm. I always return phone calls and can arrange appointments over the weekend when necessary. My client's rights and best interests are always my top priority. I serve clients all throughout the state of New Jersey, and can powerfully defend you against shoplifting charges. ​

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