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Parsippany Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Defense for Sex Crime Charges in New Jersey

A sex crime is an illegal act that occurs when an individual engages in an inappropriate sexual act in order to receive sexual satisfaction, or to provide it.

There are a wide variety of specific charges that can be categorized as sex crimes, including:

Although law enforcement and prosecution may work together to arrest and prosecute those who have been accused of sex crimes, it does not mean all cases brought to trial are lost causes. A knowledgeable Parsippany criminal attorney can help devise a strong defense that could provide compelling evidence which can minimize penalties and even eliminate charges entirely.

Penalties for Conviction of Sex Offenses

The penalties for sex crime convictions vary greatly depending on important factors such as the specific charge, age of the victim, whether physical violence was threatened or committed in the act, how many times the illegal act took place, and many others. Those who are found guilty of a sex crime may face little in terms of penalties, or may face years and even life in prison in cases of rape.

Despite the potentially devastating penalties, however, there are many viable strategies for defense that seek to establish doubt by challenging evidence, exposing incorrect investigation and arrest procedures, focusing on the character of the victim and many others. Sex crime accusations should be aggressively defended if you hope to avoid permanent damage to your life and future.

Morris County Criminal Defense Lawyer - Protecting Your Rights

Under United States law, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and I fully support the rights of the accused to receive a comprehensive, professional and effective defense. At The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C., I understand the many complexities of the variety of sex crimes, as well as the hidden motivations an alleged victim may have for making such an accusation.

My firm will investigate the legitimacy of any accusation, and will conduct complete research into the alleged act itself in order to identify the best opportunities for success. I can provide a compelling defense that could result in negotiation of a plea bargain with substantially lesser penalties, and could also achieve a full victory at trial.

Contact us to discuss your case and legal options if you are accused of a sexual offense in Morris County, NJ.

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