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Parsippany Child Endangerment Lawyer (N.J.S. 2C:24-4)

Child Endangerment Charges in New Jersey

Child endangerment is a serious accusation that involves injury to a child, endangering his or her life, putting the child's safety at risk, using unreasonable force, using torture, depriving the child of necessities, or permitting the continual sexual abuse of a child where it is possible to stop it. In many cases, the individual may have been fearful for his or her life or the life of the child had any action been taken.

Child endangerment is a serious criminal charge in the state of New Jersey. Being charged with any crime, let alone a sex crime, is frightening and fully of uncertainty. The court is tough on those accused of sex crimes and seeks to make an example out of those that are convicted. I understand that not everyone accused of a sex crime is guilty as charged. I deal with every single one of my clients on a personal level and am proud of my responsive legal representation.

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I return calls and am there for my clients throughout the process. It is important to me that they have a full understanding of where there case stands and that they are never in the dark about the status of their case. Hiring a Parsippany​ criminal defense attorney who is experienced in sex crimes can markedly increase your chances of walking away from your charges unscathed. The alternative is jail time, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record marking you as a sex offender.

I have helped many clients who did not know where to turn. Some of the clients that I have assisted had no knowledge of any wrongdoing being done to the child and were shocked and devastated upon finding out. If you have been charged with child endangerment, you need to protect yourself by speaking with an attorney that has the experience needed to successfully defend you.

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