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New Jersey Drug Crimes Lawyer

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The history of the famous "War on Drugs" is littered with failures. While the goals and objectives may be to stop major suppliers and dealers, all too often those who are caught up in the war on drugs are good people who have merely fallen into the hands of the police. Drug crimes are treated very harshly by both law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys.

My firm may be able to help you determine an optimum legal strategy when you are facing drug related charges including, marijuana offenses, possession, distribution, and prescription fraud, among other drug offenses.

Those accused of a drug crime are often left feeling helpless, alone and intimidated and frightened about what the future could hold. It is critical that you contact a hard-hitting Parsippany criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. My firm will not only match the aggression of the prosecution, we could take it to a higher level in order to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Attorney for Your Case

Drug charges are often filed with little evidence. In many cases, the charges are based on the word of an informant who is simply trying to bargain a better deal for themselves. My firm, The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C., is well-versed in these types of cases and we will immediately begin a methodical investigation into your case.

I recognize that no two cases are the same and I take the time to carefully listen to you so that I can understand the specific facts of your case. Defending against drug charges may involve any of a number of strategies. My team will carefully analyze the evidence against you and perform an independent investigation. If your rights were violated at any time during the course of your arrest, I will find out and hold the prosecution to account.

I will also interview witnesses, gather and document evidence as well as tactfully negotiate with the prosecution seeking a reduction in charges or possibly even a dismissal. I will work with you to tenaciously pursue the best possible outcome in your case.

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  • Your rights matter. I exclusively handle criminal defense cases to ensure satisfactory results.
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