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Hoboken Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you under investigation for a crime in Hoboken, New Jersey?

Are you presently under investigation for a crime or have you already been arrested on criminal charges? If your answer is yes, then you need my help. Being under investigation is not a pleasant experience and you have a lot to be concerned about. A criminal conviction will have permanent consequences that can cost you your job, your family, and your livelihood. At my firm, The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C., I represent clients who are caught up in the New Jersey criminal justice system.

I understand what types of challenges you are up against and I know you have a lot to lose upon conviction. For this reason, I make reducing your penalties my highest priority. The sooner you hire a Hoboken criminal defense lawyer from the firm, the better your chances of reaching a more favorable outcome in your case.

Criminal Defense Serving Hoboken

The last thing you need is to have an attorney that treats you like you're just another criminal. I believe my clients are innocent until proven guilty and for this reason, I make it my mission to unearth any mitigating circumstances that may paint you in a more positive light.

Whether you are entirely innocent, or made a mistake, I care. I am concerned about your future and I care about keeping you out of jail. I can handle all types of criminal offenses from DWI, to drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, juvenile crimes, white collar crimes and even murder. I am not here to judge you or your actions; I am here to defend you in every way possible.

If there is a way to help you get your charges reduced or eliminated, I will search for it. I have the same goal in mind as you do, and it's your freedom. I can handle cases in Hoboken, NJ and the surrounding areas. Contact my office to schedule your initial consultation so we can get started on building your defense!

Contact a Hoboken criminal defense attorney from the firm to start building your criminal defense!

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Why Hire My New Jersey Defense Firm?

  • Your rights matter. I exclusively handle criminal defense cases to ensure satisfactory results.
  • Your future matters. I work personally and promptly to help reduce, acquit, or dismiss your charges.
  • Your satisfaction matters. I have earned the Avvo Client's Choice Award for the year of 2018.
  • Your freedom matters. I use 20 years of experience to make sure you do not feel the heavy hand of the law.