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Criminal Defense Attorney in Parsippany

Have You Been Charged With Dwi, a Drug Crime or a Felony in Parsippany, NJ?

In the state of New Jersey, any type of felony or misdemeanor charge is heavily prosecuted by a team determined to have the defendant convicted. Each year, many innocent individuals are placed behind bars and forced to suffer the wrongful consequences of a crime they didn't commit because they failed to seek the legal services of a Parsippany criminal defense attorney. If you or someone you love has been charged with any type of crime, including DWI, a drug crime, theft, or a sex crime, do not wait to call my firm, The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C.

After a person has been arrested and booked for breaking the law, their case will immediately open and a prosecutor will begin collecting evidence against them. It is important for a person facing any misdemeanor or felony level criminal charges to consult the experienced legal advocacy of a Parsippany criminal defense lawyer. In Parsippany, along with the rest of the state, criminal charges are taken very seriously, and a person who faces these charges risks so much more than their personal freedom. For many defendants, the cost is so much higher than the legal consequences as set out by the law.

The Consequences of a Criminal Charge in Parsippany, NJ

Upon hearing of an arrest, an employer may release a person from their job, or in other words, terminate their employment. Now, the defendant has no job or source of income, and may be facing fines pending the criminal hearing. Additionally, if the crime is vehicle-related, such as a DWI or possession of drugs in a vehicle, their insurance rate will skyrocket. After a person is convicted of DWI, insurance premiums will increase by thousands of dollars each year, and in some cases double or triple the previous payment. For a defendant that may have been let go from their job due to the conviction, this financial devastation can ruin their life forever.

Before taking a homemade defense to court, talk to a criminal defense attorney who has years of experience in this area of the law. Whether your charges consist of a federal, white collar crime charge, a traffic offense, weapon crime, or murder, manslaughter or another violent crime, the legal team at my firm is prepared to build an aggressive defense for your case. Aggressive defense strategies include investigating the case to uncover any evidence that may favor your innocence, questioning arresting officers, and interrogating any witnesses. If we are able to collect the necessary evidence, our team can start on protecting your rights in court.

Parsippany Criminal Defense Lawyer

For individuals who have already been convicted of a crime or are struggling with a poor criminal record, our law firm may be beneficial to you as well. We can provide you the option of expungement, in which you can cleanse your criminal record. Expungement is a legal process that is not available for all Parsippany residents who have been convicted of a crime and requires extensive paperwork, so do not forget to have a criminal defense attorney with you at all times.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I have been recognized as a Super Lawyer Rising Star, an honor that few attorneys can claim for their dedicated and effective defense methods. To learn more about my firm's aggressive defense strategies and to get experienced legal help on your criminal case, call my law firm today.

Contact a Parsippany criminal defense attorney at the firm today to get a comprehensive consultation of your criminal case.

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