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New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorney

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Domestic violence is a crime that occurs when an individual engages in abuse of a family member, a loved one or another person who is living with the accused in an effort to impose power or control over the other person. Domestic violence can be committed in a variety of ways such as physical, emotional, sexual or other abuse that seek to keep the victim in a submissive or helpless position.

New Jersey State laws impose heavy penalties on those convicted of domestic violence, and every effort will be made to gain a conviction, even when the alleged victim recants. The services of a legal professional are critical for achieving any level of success in court.

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It's Important to Hire an Experienced Lawyer to Fight for You

Domestic violence is believed to be one of the most under-reported crimes. At the same time, however, many domestic violence charges are totally false, or there are other contributing facts that must be brought to light. While domestic violence convictions are usually vigorously pursued by the prosecution, that does not mean there is no chance for a successful defense.

In fact, there are many strategies that can be employed by a skilled attorney to establish reasonable doubt. The penalties for domestic violence may range greatly depending on the specifics of the charge, but all convictions carry serious penalties which may include heavy fines, mandated treatment programs and jail or prison sentences.

Finding the Right Defense Lawyer in New Jersey

My firm, The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C., has found great success representing many clients in domestic violence defense issues for the past 15+ years. I will work closely with each client to learn as much as possible about the alleged crime as well as information about the victim, the accused and any other individuals who may have valuable insight into the defendant's innocence.

I fully support the right of all individuals charged with domestic violence to seek to protect their future with a high quality, aggressive defense, and I will work hard to see that you get every opportunity to secure your freedom or minimize your penalty.

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