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Parsippany Volunteer Mentor Accused of Sex with Teenage Boys Your Case Becomes My Mission & Every Mission Is Possible

A 53 year-old Parsippany man who served as a mentor in a local youth program admitted that he had sexual contact with three teenage boys.

The man, a volunteer in the Morris County Prevention is Key Program was recently arrested, apparently making admissions to the police that corroborate what the victims say regarding the abuse.

According to the investigation, the man engaged in numerous sexual activities with a boy that he served as a mentor for in the program. That boy introduced the defendant to a second boy and the defendant encouraged the pair to perform sexual acts together while the adult watched.

The third child was an acquaintance of the defendant. The defendant allegedly watched this third boy engage in sexual activities with the first and likewise molested him.

The defendant is charged with sexual assault, child endangerment and criminal sexual contact.

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