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DWI Breath Testing in New Jersey

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The state of New Jersey currently uses the Alco test 7110 to measure the amount of alcohol in a person's blood. The individual breathes deeply into the machine's mouthpiece, so that the machine can get a sample of air from the lungs. The machine then use this reading to calculate the amount of alcohol in the person's blood, also referred to as their BAC ("blood alcohol content"). Breath testing often provides prosecutors with powerful evidence, so if you are charged with DWI, it is important to enlist the counsel of a skilled Parsippany DWI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Fight Breath Test Evidence

Although they are commonly used by law enforcement, breath tests are not without their flaws.

There are various factors that can impact the results of a breath test, such as:

  • The breath machine was improperly calibrated
  • The breath machine was improperly maintained
  • The machine incorrectly measured alcohol in your mouth from an artificial inflator, such as a breath mint
  • You burped or vomited 20 minutes or less before the breath test was administered
  • The machine incorrectly picked up body alcohol caused by certain gastric, liver, or kidney conditions
  • Restrictions or problems with lung capacity

If you believe the results of your breath test were negatively affected by these or other factors, seek knowledgeable legal counsel. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances that led to your arrest and assess the prosecution's evidence to determine if your breath test results may have been incorrect.

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Conviction for drunk driving in New Jersey carries harsh penalties, even for a first offense. Sentencing for a DWI can include fines, imprisonment in the county jail, loss of driver's license, and mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. In the face of these extensive consequences, it is imperative that you have powerful defense on your side.

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