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Patience Oftentimes a Virtue in Criminal Cases Your Case Becomes My Mission & Every Mission Is Possible

Very often I have to remind clients that it's not how long a case takes to resolve that matters, but rather it is the RESULT that matters!! You may be thinking, "Sure, because he bills by the hour!" Not true, incidentally. I take the vast majority of criminal matters on a flat-fee basis.

But that's not the point here.  The point is that you have to trust your lawyer and his familiarity with the process.  Many matters can take 3-4 court appearances, but will result in a dismissal. 

For instance, today I appeared in Rahway Municipal Court on a Simple Assault case.  My client was charged with striking his wife during a domestic dispute.  During the first court appearance, the alleged victim did not appear in court. I made a Motion to Dismiss, which the judge denied because the victim hadn't been properly notified.  We're back in court today, and once again, no victim.  This time she had been properly subpoened, and did not appear, so the judge had no choice but to dismiss. 

I once had a marijuana possession case where the State lost the marijuana!! We had to go to court 4-5 times, but each time, I was able to tell the judge when I requested the lab reports and that we were still waiting.  Eventually, it came to light that the pot was simply LOST. 

The bottom line is to not be in such a hurry to "get it over with." Sometimes defense strategies develop with time. 

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