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Bergrin Jury Still Dealocked! Your Case Becomes My Mission & Every Mission Is Possible

The jury is still out.

The men and women deciding the fate of a former northern new jersey prosecutor and criminal defense attorney Paul Bergrin cannot seem to reach a decision. After four days they wrote to the judge, telling him that they were deadlocked. The judge responded, telling them to keep at it. Bergrin is charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. He faces life in prison.

The judge instructed the jurors, not to abandon their convictions (I'm sure no pun intended). He added that they had only spent three days deliberating after a seventeen day trial. The jury was to continue deliberating this morning. Concerns about the Thanksgiving holiday were likewise addressed: the judge could release them and have them return on Monday.

Bergrin, a once prominent criminal defense attorney is accused of orchestrating the killing of FBI informant Kemo Deshawn McCray. The State alleges that he did this in order to protect his drug activities (supposedly, Bergrin supplied cocaine to a major Newark gang), as well as those of his then client.

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