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Attorney Porreca Gets Charges Dismissed for Juvenile Client Your Case Becomes My Mission & Every Mission Is Possible

Our firm is thrilled to announce our very own Parsipanny criminal defense attorney, Attorney Porreca, was able to deliver successful results for our client, a juvenile. Our client was charged with terroristic threats and harassment for writing racist slurs in a boy’s bathroom, and was being tried in the Morris County Superior Court, Family Division. Our client also threatened an attack would occur at the school on a specific date in the near future.

After reviewing our client’s case with great attention to detail, Attorney Porreca went over the discovery and met with prosecutors on our client’s behalf. He was then able to secure a deferred disposition. This means our client will take on a 12-month probationary terms, participate in community service, and partake in other conditions. Once he has successfully completed the program, any and all charges our client is facing will be dismissed. This is extremely good news for our client, as he will not have to suffer for the rest of his life for a mistake he made in his youth, and our firm is proud of yet another success, in which we were able to secure a more peaceful future on behalf of the juvenile.

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