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Anti-Harassment and Bullying Laws in New Jersey

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In recent years, bullying has fallen under high criticism from media, school authorities and parents alike. The attention that a bullying case receives in the media is astounding and in 2011, a call to action prompted New Jersey law makers to pass numerous laws that prohibit bullying, harassment and intimidation. Bullying, harassing, picking-on and any other word that is used to describe these actions can have very serious consequences for both victims and accused individuals. School-age children all the way through high school are often associated with bullying and many do not realize the penalties that can come if they are convicted.

New Jersey school districts often deal with claims of bullying and harassment and have a various penalties and guidelines that they adhere to in order to prevent bullying and punish bullies. Students who are found bullying another student may risk suspension, detention and, in some cases, may even be expelled from their schools.

Penalties for those that are convicted of bullying and harassment may include complications not only in school, but with the law as well. Most children are given warnings, but serious bullying cases can land children with criminal charges. These laws are defined in the New Jersey Statutes Annotated §18A: 37-14 through §18A: 37 – 15.1.

My Child is Accused of Bullying - What should I do?

Is your child being accused of being a bully? Not only are they facing problems at school, but with the law as well. As stated before, New Jersey policy has strict rules and regulations for stopping and penalizing bullies. Bullying can take many forms, including verbal, physical and electronic. If your child is being accused or under investigation for bullying, you need to act quickly and retain legal counsel to protect your child's rights. Often times, children are unaware that their actions are causing another person harm, or they may be falsely accused of bullying and harassment. When you work with my firm, I will investigate every bit of evidence leading to the accusation or arrest and develop a strong defense for your child.

Is your child a victim of bullying?

If your child is a victim of harassment and bullying, you need to ensure that you act quickly. Many children feel too embarrassed or frightened to speak up against bullying, so being proactive is imperative. There are many studies to show that long-term harassment and bullying can have devastating effects on a child's psyche. When a child mentions bullying, harassment, intimidation or threats, you need to contact the school authorities and contact my firm. With the guidance of a trusted attorney, you can begin working toward ensuring justice is served to your child's wrongdoer. Remember, bullying and harassment are illegal in the state of New Jersey and you may have a case. If you have questions or concerns regarding your particular situation, you need to contact The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C. today. Together we can work toward a brighter future for your children.

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