Weapon Charges in New Jersey

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Our state laws that govern the use, possession and transportation of firearms are very strict and violations can lead to exceptionally heavy penalties. Due to the immense potential for harm inherent in the use of a weapon, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and juries are often unforgiving in weapons charges.

If you have been accused of a criminal offense involving the use of a weapon, it is very important that you seek out a lawyer immediately. Whether you are facing charges related to a failure to register, illegal sale, transportation, or your charges are related to another offense in which it is alleged that you used a weapon or intended to, I can help.

Defense for Illegal Possession, Concealment, and Transportation of Firearms

Weapon charges are frequently part of another criminal case. Even if you never intended to use the weapon, if you are caught carrying a weapon while committing a crime such as robbery or burglary, it is automatically assumed that you would use the weapon under certain circumstances. Threatening another individual with a weapon is considered a serious offense for the same reason. While not always correct, it is safer for arresting officers to assume that an individual carries a weapon with the direct intent to use that weapon. The use of a weapon while committing a crime heightens the penalties associated with that crime considerably. In most cases the use of a weapon will result in felony charges.

A significant part of defending a client against weapon charges is establishing the defendant's frame of mind and intent. A skilled and vigilant attorney will be able to defend you against any false or misleading testimony or tactics the prosecution will employ to secure a conviction.

When you hire a Parsippany criminal attorney from The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C., you can rest assured that I will stand by your side throughout the entire criminal process and will be zealous advocate for your cause. I have successfully helped many clients face a wide variety of weapon charges in the past. My firm would be proud to do the same for you; contact us today.

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