Driving with a Suspended License in New Jersey

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When a person drives with a suspended license, there can be significant consequences. The driver must pay a fee of $100 to the Motor Vehicle Commission in New Jersey before restoration of driving privileges. If the driver does not wait for the restoration and continues to drive, the penalties increase.

Violations That Can Lead to License Suspension

A person must surrender his or her driver's license if the judge did not already order it court. If a person drives with a suspended license, the punishment can be up to five years prison sentence, lengthen the suspension time, and more.

These are some common causes for licenses to be suspended:

  • No proof of insurance
  • Missed court appearance
  • Non-payment of fines or surcharges
  • Cause a fatal accident, driving recklessly
  • Abandoning a vehicle on a public highway
  • Driving and using alcohol or drugs
  • 12 or more points on current driving record
  • Certain mental or physical reasons

A driver who needs to operate a vehicle as part of earning a living can certainly experience financial hardship until reinstatement of driving privileges. Likewise, a person who depends on driving to and from work or school can feel the effects from a suspended license.

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