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Help for Charges Under N.J.S. 2C:34-1

Anyone that has been charged with a prostitution offense should speak with an attorney from my firm at once. Having a prostitution conviction on your record can be extremely damaging to your relationships with others and your future. The penalties for prostitution offenses can be severe and it is advised that you take action to protect your rights and your future opportunities by having your case thoroughly reviewed by a skilled lawyer.

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Prostitution is a sex crime and may have negative consequences on your life if not properly handled immediately by experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer.

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For years I have been assisting those facing serious sex crime charges in Morris County, NJ, and have been able to help many walk away from their charges without penalty. It is important that you fully understand your charges and that you are able to reach your attorney whenever necessary and that is why I always make myself available to clients because I understand their need to stay abreast of their case. A prostitution charge does not mean that you will be convicted or should plead guilty.

If your rights were violated by law enforcement, a skilled attorney can recognize this fact and remedy your charges. The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C. aggressively fights for the rights and fair treatment of our clients and is always alert to any violation of their rights that could be exploited to their advantage. When you need someone that has extensive experience defending sex crimes, contact my firm.

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