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Expungement is extremely beneficial for convicted criminals who have fulfilled their sentences and wish to move forward with their lives without being haunted by their criminal history. Expungement allows qualifying individuals to remove and isolate all records pertaining to an arrest or conviction from all sources related to law enforcement.

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When the expungement process is complete, it is as though the crime committed never actually occurred. Those who are interested in expungement as a means to effectively erase mistakes made in the past should seek the services of an experienced attorney who is familiar with the process.

Do I qualify for expungement?

The first step toward expungement is to file an expungement petition, which your Parsippany criminal defense attorney should be able to take care of for you. This petition includes information concerning your arrest such as the specific charges, date of conviction and more. A hearing is scheduled within 60 days after the expungement petition is filed. A variety of law enforcement authorities will be called upon to provide pertinent information about you and your arrest, they do not object and you fit all other applicable requirements, then expungement order will be issued to all law enforcement agencies.

The expungement process can be complicated for those who are unfamiliar with this specific legal process. The Law Offices of Christopher G. Porreca, P.C. is very knowledgeable regarding expungement matters, requirements and results and is dedicated to providing valuable insight in terms of process navigation, representation and complete satisfaction of required paperwork.

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I whole-heartedly believe in the right of non-violent convicted criminals to have their criminal records wiped clean, if they satisfy the right requirements for expungement. My firm can organize all necessary information regarding your criminal history and good-standing with authorities in order to have the best chance at success. I serve clients throughout Morris County and many other communities in New Jersey.

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