Controlled Dangerous Substances in New Jersey

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In the state of New Jersey, "controlled dangerous substances" refer to the drugs or substances that are listed in Schedules I through Schedule V under state law. This term also refers to substances that turn into these drugs once ingested and metabolized. The state of New Jersey has statutes that prohibit the possession, use and distribution of these drugs without certain authorization. When individuals use controlled dangerous substances in ways that violate the law, they can be charged with drug crimes, and they can also end up suffering from harsh penalties.

A drug's level of dangerousness and level of accepted medical use in the United States determine which Schedule it is categorized under, with Schedule I and Schedule II drugs being considered the most dangerous and the most restrictive when it comes to medical use. Have you been accused of committing an offense that involved a controlled dangerous substance? I am a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer who can help you contest your charges!

Schedule I-V Controlled Dangerous Substances

Below, are the criteria that substances must meet in order to be categorized under each Schedule. It is against the law to possess, use or distribute drugs under these Schedules without a legal prescription or without other authority, such as the authority you have when you are a medical professional or other professional who is qualified to handle the drugs.

Schedule I: high potential for abuse; no medical use of this drug accepted in the U.S. (or not considered safe for use in treatment with medical supervision)
Examples: heroin, peyote

Schedule II: high potential for abuse; medical use accepted in the U.S., but with severe restrictions; abuse can result in severe physical or psychological dependence

Example: methadone, fentanyl

Schedule III: potential for abuse is lower than that of Schedule I and II drugs; has accepted medical use in the U.S.; abuse has potential to cause low or moderate physical dependence, as well as high psychological dependence

Examples: amphetamine, methamphetamine

Schedule IV: low potential for abuse in comparison to Schedule III drugs; has accepted medical use in the U.S.; potential physical or psychological dependence is limited in comparison to Schedule III drugs

Examples: methohexital (Brevital), paraldehyde

Schedule V: low potential for abuse compared to Schedule IV drugs; use for medical treatment accepted in the U.S.; potential physical and psychological dependence is limited compared to Schedule IV drugs

Examples: limited amounts of codeine, limited amounts of opium

Effective Defense in Your Drug Case

The penalties you could receive upon a drug crime conviction will depend what types of drug offense you are accused of (such as possession or distribution), as well as which Schedule the drug is associated with. I am highly knowledgeable of New Jersey's laws governing all types of substances, and I am also knowledgeable of the various defense strategies that can be used on defendants' behalf. Contact my office so I can provide you with a solid defense plan!

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